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The Same Sex Couples Raising Children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Same Sex Couples Raising Children - Essay Example As the article features the issues identified with same-sex couple are remembered for the most dubious and ebb and flow worries in the general public in the previous few years.â From the issues of acknowledgment of the equivalent sex couples to the laws identified with marriage, each topic had been enormously talked about and sensationalized.â To have the option to accomplish a specific degree of mindfulness on the various elements in the social setting, the paper is expected to introduce the perspectives on different types of media on one of the significant issues identified with same-sex connections, which is the way they bring up youngsters and the procedures related as far as legitimate, social, moral and social aspects.This look into proclaims that the issues identified with same-sex couples are remembered for the principle worries in the society.â Raising kids for same-sex couples is the primary focal point of the examination since one stage considered by these couples in building up a family is having kids and in the long run raising and supporting them. There are various parts of the issue on bringing up kids by same-sex couples.â One of the significant angles is selection of the kid for the equivalent sex couples explicitly the gay couples.â Different nations execute various laws in regards to the process.â In 2000, the conditions of Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi and Utah restricted appropriation of kids to gay parents.â On the other hand, nations in Europe, for example, Denmark, Norway and Iceland had been lawfully open to reception of kids to same-sex couples.

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Papas Legacy free essay sample

Life is a valuable blessing; mine has been honored by my folks, relatives, and dear companions whose life model and impact have formed my qualities and improved my life. In any case, it is my maternal grandfather’s model and impact that is highest in my psyche and heart. Three years back my Grandpa, or â€Å"Papa† as we call him, started his long, unpleasant fight with malignant growth. My family and I were in every case truly near him and saw him for all intents and purposes regular, so it was extremely hard for us when we were educated that he had disease. After he was analyzed, Papa and Nanny, my grandma, chose to move in with us and manufacture onto our home. Seeing him and investing energy with him consistently was superb, however as we perceived how the malady and its treatment desolated his body, the time we imparted to them got self-contradicting. The days when he died were probably the most testing days of my life. We will compose a custom article test on Fathers Legacy or on the other hand any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Father was one of my preferred individuals. I could truly disclose to him anything. Genuinely and sincerely he was consistently there for me. I cherished, regarded, and appreciated him; he showed me so much life and how to live it. He was my legend. Since he was not one to gloat about his achievements and accomplishments, I truly wasn’t mindful he was perceived as a saint by the Air Force. He was granted the Airman’s Medal, which is the most elevated award given by the Air Force for valor out of battle. The going with reference peruses: Airman First Class William A. Hand separated himself by gallantry including intentional danger of life at Titan II Missile Complex 373-4, Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, on 9 August 1965. On that date, Airman Hand went into a region where fire had caught 53 men, trying to safeguard any survivors. In spite of perceivability of short of what one foot in smoke and harmful exhaust and the peril of further blast and fire, Airman Hand en dured in his endeavors to look out survivors until it was demonstrated that there were none, indicating extraordinary initiative and a total negligence for his own security while making these attempts†¦ This is an ideal representation of how Papa carried on with his life, doing everything he could to help others paying little heed to how it influenced him. Despite the fact that I didn't hear this story from him by and by, I took in numerous things from Papa’s activities at the Missile Complex. I currently take a gander at the 10,000 foot view more than I did before Papa passed on. In that shocking mishap at the Missile Complex, the â€Å"big picture† could have influenced a lot more lives. His remarkable demonstrations of magnanimity have inspired me to be everything I can be for myself just as others. I am currently progressively discerning that all that I do in life influences others here and there. Disregarding the intense person picture Papa got a kick out of the chance to depict to different grown-ups, with messes with it was a very surprising story. He became like a grandpa to each child he met, particularly the children who rode the exceptional needs transport he drove for the Cheney School District. To them, he was â€Å"Papa Bill† or â€Å"Mr. Bill† and he generally had a high-five for each understudy who jumped on and off his transport. Daddy tuned in to them, he was delicate to their requirements, and approached them with deference. By his model with individuals all things considered, I discovered that a touch of caring goes far and it’s not what’s outwardly that matters; it’s what’s within that issues. Watching Papa work was an encounter. In any event, when he worked at home, he generally needed to ensure everything was sorted out, prepared, and done accurately without avoiding any means. While Papa was in the Air Force, there was nothing of the sort as a multi day, forty-hour week. He bu ckled down until the activity was finished and invested heavily in each and every venture he embraced. Possibly Papa is the explanation I take a stab at flawlessness. Like him, I like to have a set arrangement for any errand in which I’m included and I need it to be done effectively without compromising. Papa’s hard working attitude instructed me about constancy and offering 100% to each attempt so as to accomplish my objectives. In each activity he held, Papa was a cooperative person. From the get-go in my adolescence, he helped show me the estimation of cooperation and urged me to be simply as well as could be expected be and my partners. As a relative, understudy competitor, and representative, I endeavor to be a contributing individual from the group. Father instructed me that everyone is significant; in any event, when one individual exceeds expectations, it is the collaboration that empowers that individual to sparkle. I have likewise discovered that the capacity to work with differing gatherings of individuals is an advantage in each everyday issue. I miss Papa and feel his misfortune profoundly. Life is a valuable blessing; I never acknowledged how valuable it is or how rapidly it can end until Papa kicked the bucket. There isn't a day that passes by when I don’t consider him. I am so appreciative he was my Grandfather and had such a functioning impact in my life. Some of the time I wish he was still here to offer me guidance, give me passionate help, or just to give me an embrace and state â€Å"I love you.† I decide to respect him and myself by striving to accomplish my objectives, via sufficiently caring to be a cooperative person, and by having a benevolent way to deal with life. That is Papa’s heritage.

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first impressions of LA

first impressions of LA three days ago, after i finished squeezing all my summer clothes and important possessions into a suitcase weighing a little over 50 pounds, a stuffed backpack, and a very stuffed guitar case, i hopped on a 6 hour flight to los angeles to start my internship at PlayStations Santa Monica Studio on the God of War team.01 dope, right??? i get so many discounts woooo after dropping all of my stuff at my (nicer than expected) Airbnb, i spent an afternoon and the next day wandering around LA completing various errands 02 groceries, getting a bus card, etc. . ive never been to LA, so i formed a lot of first impressions, both good and bad. here they are: this city was not made for walking :( im used to walking almost everywhere in boston, but in the past few day ive missed an uber because i couldnt find a crosswalk to go over to where it was waiting, and had to backtrack to cross the street because the sidewalk ended on the side i had been on initially. this doesnt mean that the city was made for driving either the bus system is pretty good from what ive seen. there are very few pedestrians as well, so walking on the streets is kind of lonely. the roads are so wide. wish the sidewalks were wider :P people drive so fast?? im actually too afraid to jaywalk, which sucks, because there are only crosswalks at the traffic lights, which are all very far apartthere are no trees and the sky is so big. ive lived in new england for the vast majority of my life, and im used to seeing real trees blocking out most of the skyline, not some scraggly palm trees on the side of the road. seeing so much sky makes me uncomfortable in unquantifiable ways i feel exposed, and sort of like a giant eagle could drop out of the sky and grab me at any momentthere are so many pink houses!! theyre so cute. some of the spanish style architecture here is really aesthetic.the weather is so lovely. i wish everywhere was like this. its not too hot yet and there always seems to be a nice breeze coming from somewhere.i love being so close to the beach!! i never go to the beach and barely ever put on a swimsuit. but now, the beach is 2 miles from my work and im planning to go with other interns this week :) i started work yesterday and i think im going to have a great summer :) PlayStation is spoiling us and has lots of fun things planned for us, and im also super pumped to be working with the God of War team 03 even though i only started playing the game yesterday, whoops because theyre among the best in the industry 04 lowkey the best in the industry at the moment and im excited to learn from them :) i havent explored downtown LA at all yet, but im particularly excited for Little Tokyo because of course i am. im also going to this years LA pride parade with other MIT friends and will be attending E3 2019 with the God of War team 05 !!! we get an entire day off for it too , which is super exciting since ive wanted to go to E3 for about 5 years now :) in short, lots of fun things planned for the summer! ill try to keep blogging about it. heres a photodump of the very few pictures ive taken near where i work and live, and a couple of pictures of the few things im allowed to take pictures of at Santa Monica Studios :P the road that i work on has tons of these cute pink apartmentsmy workplace, the reserve! its a big gated complex with a microsoft office, a verizon office, and of course a playstation office :) the kratos statue at the front of the Santa Monica office :) all the swag i received on my first day!! not pictured: a brand new dualshock controller, three very nice shirts (one of which is a dev team shirt!!!), and ALL THE EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS I GET ON SONY PRODUCTS Post Tagged ##NDAs make me feel powerful ##playstation is so cool dope, right??? i get so many discounts woooo back to text ? groceries, getting a bus card, etc. back to text ? even though i only started playing the game yesterday, whoops back to text ? lowkey the best in the industry at the moment back to text ? !!! we get an entire day off for it too back to text ?

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Transgender Issues in Patriarchy, a Look at quot;Boys...

The film, Boys Dont Cry, Kimberly Pierces brilliant work of 1999, is the true story of, Brandon Teena, born Teena Brandon, played by Hillary Swank, who created a male identity for herself. Brandon was born in 1972 and died at the hopelessly young age of 21. The actual story takes place within the last two weeks of Brandons life, in 1993. The movie, a dramatized documentary, was released in 1999. Brandon is a transgendered individual; he was born a female, but feels that he would be happier living as a man. She leaves her brother and hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, where everybody knows her as Teena, to start a new life as Brandon. Brandon ends up in Falls City and his short life, as a man, begins. It is in essence, the epitome of†¦show more content†¦No one knew he was actually a female except for his brother who was constantly warning him against the harsh realities of their small-minded rural community. Aside from the man who knew him as his sister, he was well acce pted and appreciated as young man by the people around him in a small Nebraska town, called Falls City. We will see their true colors later as Brandon is horribly raped and murdered, upon being recognized as a girl, by his disgusted manly hillbilly buddies. Brandon was only just beginning his search for identity, something that most people never figure out, let alone someone who goes against their own anatomy. Finding your gender identity in a world where you are given no choices has got to be the hardest battle of them all. We watch the transgender story of Brandon Teena unfold into a heart-wrenching tale of what it really means to tell the truth. Despite the fact that Brandon has the biological make-up of a female, he bravely takes on his world as a man, doing everything he can to introduce each person that he meets to his genuine masculinity. He picks fights with men in bars, to valiantly protect women from their lascivious intentions of the cowards, trying to get their nut off. Brandon aside from Lana, played by Chloe Sevigny, is the most authentic individual in the story, standing up for everything he believes is right. He defines people from the inside. How easy it would be to take advantage of the jaw-dropping

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Essay on A Needed Lack of Ignorance - 1994 Words

In the Adolescent Sexual Health in Europe and the US by Advocates for Youth, Ammie Feijoo writes,â€Å"The United States’ teen pregnancy rate is almost three times that of Germany and France, and over four times that of the Netherlands.†(Feijoo) The United States would not have triple the teen pregnancy rate if it’s young people were educated about sex as properly as Europe’s young people. In addition, she writes on contraceptive use, she says that France’s, The Netherlands’ youth are more likely to be protected during sex than America’s youth. The biggest difference was in the pill, French females were twice as likely to use the pill than American females. Than even worse Germans were five times more likely, than the Dutch, who were six times†¦show more content†¦Male condoms wrap around the penis like a glove. Female condoms go inside the vaginal canal and go around the vulva which can help protect from skin-to-skin transmit ted STIs more than male condoms, but they have a slightly higher failure rate. Latex is the most commonly used, but some people have a latex allergy so other types are needed. Polyurethane and polyisoprene are the two latex alternatives that do not transmit STDs, while lambskin is a natural condom that is porous that STDs and STIs can get through.(Condom) There are also different types of female birth control, hormonal and nonhormonal. First, there the Pill, a hormonal method, which as Doctor Thieler, medical director of PPNE, states, the pill works by either making your ovaries not produce eggs so ovulation does not occur or thickening the lining of the cervix so the sperm never gets through. You have to take the pill daily or the success rate fall dramatically, if you fail to take it for more than two days you have to use condoms or abstain from sex.(Birth) Next, there’s the NuvaRing, an ill-known method, also hormonal, which you use bi-monthly rather than daily like the pi ll. It works exactly like the pill. (Birth) Next, there’s the shot, another hormonal method which you take approximately every three months and it works just like the pill as well.(Birth) Then, there’s the Implant, a type of hormonal birth controlShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of `` Sea Of Faith `` By John Brehm928 Words   |  4 Pagesquality for the development of interpersonal and personal connections. Accordingly, John Brehm, author of â€Å"Sea of Faith,† illustrates a scholar experience in a freshman class. A teacher, which the reader implies as Brehm himself, becomes irritated at the lack of knowledge in his students at such a simple topic: figurative language. Disgruntled at the question he begins to examine the significance behind it. Ultimately, after self-examination, he comes to understand the young lady who posed the questionRead MoreThe Importance Of Knowledge And Truth. Truth And Knowledge1380 Words   |  6 Pagestraits that society should value in order to avoid ignorance. Without truth nor knowledge, society will be unable to function properly. Ignorance is very dangerous, for we can be easily manipulated by false information, and we will likely take the first piece of information given to us as fact rather than question it, and come to our own conclusions. If people don’t seek truth and knowledge, we run the risk of becoming intellectually blind in ignorance. Society should seek truth and knowledge, becauseRead MoreWhat Makes A Society?1546 Words   |  7 Pagesand the bad. Because of their Ignorance. The worst of it all. To be horrible and not recognize it. That is why we need to educate. We need to change the paradigms of society, of education, it is disfiguring our past, present, and future. To change society, starting small is what it is needed. Because what you ll change actions does not change in what they believe in; ignorance. Education is what paves the way to a better future. One without the constraint s of Ignorance and Prejudice. I am talkingRead MoreSocioeconomic Status And Race : The Role Of Teachers And Staff Members Of Urban High Schools1732 Words   |  7 Pagesmore likely to be victims of crime, become teen parents, may lack access to adequate healthcare and overall have poorer educational outcomes than students living in other areas. While some urban school students are already at a disadvantage due to their racial and financial background, education in urban schools is also negatively affected in that teachers have been found to have been provided less than the necessary amount of resources needed to effectively teacher their students (Lippman et al., 1996)Read MoreScare Tactics : Aids Epidemic Essay913 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"It’s bad enough that people are dying of AIDS, but no one should die of ignorance.† Why was ignorance such an issue when a deadly disease was claiming lives daily? The definition of ignorance is a lack of knowledge or information. The AIDS epidemic that hit the United States over thirty years ago, sent fear across the country. With so much fear, why wasn’t there more information available? Why were people dying of â€Å"ignorance†? The first known case in the United States was in 1981. A majorityRead MoreHow ignorance leads Macbeth to his evildoing1359 Words   |  6 Pagesï ¿ ½PAGE ï ¿ ½ ï ¿ ½PAGE ï ¿ ½1ï ¿ ½ Là ³pez Pablo Là ³pez Professor Andrà ©s Navarrete Shakespeare LET 1746 3 October, 2011 How ignorance leads Macbeth to his evildoing In order to introduce the topic, we need to understand that the origin of Macbeth s evildoing can have many possibilities at the moment of interpreting this character. However, I am going to focus mainly on the role of ignorance as the element which triggers his evil, inner side. In addition, I will analyse the external features which influencedRead MoreKarl Marx And Manifesto Comparison Essay1402 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent in how they would answer basic questions regarding philosophy. Even though, they differ they also have similarities between the two. Some questions to help show their similarities and difference are needed to compare the two. We will look at how each define, What is the nature of human ignorance, How do we achieve enlightenment, and How will becoming enlightened result in personal, political, or social liberation? These questions will help you understand the differences between the two philosophersRead MoreTransgender Conformity Essay example1171 Words   |à ‚  5 PagesDictionary†) People have many prejudices and ideas of what transgender is but many times these are erroneous. Transgender people have been in society since it began but have been forced into hiding due to society’s ignorance, tendency to categorize, and lack of knowledge. Ignorance is a difficult barrier for anyone to overcome but many remain ignorant by closing their minds to new or atypical things. In Horrace Mann’s â€Å"From Report of the Massachusetts Board of Education, 1848,† he explains theRead MoreThe Welfare State Essay1669 Words   |  7 PagesState is the concept in which government plays a key role in protecting and promoting the economic and social well-being of its citizens, based on the principles of equal opportunity in the distribution of wealth and public responsibility for those who lack the minimal provisions for a good life, for example good health, education and basic income (Abercrombie and Warde 2000). Is it the responsibility of a government to provide for its citizen, what about the cost, because it can lead to ever-increasingRead MoreThe Importance Of Education1067 Words   |  5 PagesEducation may be perceived as just knowledge in a classroom; however, it is a tool that saves society from ignorance. The n ineteenth century was a time of industrial reform and educational reform; as agriculture was no longer the family’s primary focus, children were able to attend school to have a better opportunity at life. Mark Twain’s social commentary A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court utilizes the satire of King Arthur’s people and Hank Morgan’s ironic wisdom to demonstrate that education

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The Broad Scopes of Human Resources Literature Review Free Essays

Staff Recruitment The author emphasizes the importance of recruiting experienced staff errors non experienced staff because less training requirements and funding will not apply to get the new staff aligned with company standards. The ability for well-developed recruiters to staff organizations with experienced staff will assist training resources in applying skills to newly hired professionals to transition at a quicker rate than less experienced professional. Recruitment is vital to the success or failure Of an organization because Of the major influence placed on selection process, identifying eligible candidates, and gaining a competitive advantage. We will write a custom essay sample on The Broad Scopes of Human Resources Literature Review or any similar topic only for you Order Now Knowledgeable human resources staff has the responsibility for the acquirement process and should always be aware of crucial qualifications and specifications to determine staffing necessities. Recruitment of human resources also takes into account the analysis of the vacancies and projection of labor, because the basic result of these activities, description and the specifications for the job are essential in the recruitment process of the personnel†(Buses, 2009, p 108). Buses identifies the various positive sources of recruitment social media, newspapers, agencies, and references including internal and external used by human resources staff so the reader is not just soused on traditional methods of recruiting. Negative so races of recruitment such as stress testing, high pressure interviews, and case studies are identified as well as provide the equal balance of pros and cons of recruiting. There are numerous competencies linked to knowledge, skills, and abilities that human resources professionals must identify if candidates possess them to determine success in job performance. Four major competencies identified during the recruitment process are prior professional experience, long term success capabilities, behavioral events attached to leadership or management kills, and transitional knowledge. Human Resources Sustainability Private and public restructuring during downsizing have happened to many organizations in earlier years and most recent times during economical downfalls. There is a great importance in human resource professionals to know how to respond during these times and having the knowledge of which staff to retain during downsizing. The article by Caudate, Jacks, Savoir discuss the use of statistical analysis in collaboration with productivity to set the standards for productivity levels during restructuring. The study was inducted every month over a 30 month period to determine adequate parameters for estimating the restructure of the organization. â€Å"Our main objective is the organizational level of company sustainability and the fitting of corporate human resources to the real environment needs and capacities† (Caudate, Jacks, Savoir, 201 2, p 308). The usage of the quantitative study displayed the adage Tate needs for staffing to decrease the need to over or under staff in private or public sector. An effective and efficient quantitative method of determining staffing needs was conducted by considering salary and monthly working hours. Previous data was gathered from job descriptions, organizational charts, salary reports, contingency planning, and performance reports to obtain information on restructuring. If employees are selected for downsizing the method used to determine their tenure with the organization is based on lowest proficiency in performance standards. Similar to the literature by Base, the authors for this article identified strengths, weaknesses, and limitations to the study that involved the same participants completing the study being the same individuals with the possibility of being selected as part of the restructure. Job Stresses, Job Performance, and Job Dedication As part of the human resources world there are three aspects that can either help or hurt the employee and have a downward spiral effect to the organization when conscientiousness is considered. Job stresses are indicators that an employee may have emotional or physical symptoms that are linked to transactional theory. â€Å"According to the transactional theory of stress, people appraise important event they encounter in their daily life. At the primary appraisal, people categorically appraise an event as good or bad† (Lie, Lie, Mills, Fan, 2013, p 338). Job performances are key roles identified by human resource professional that determine necessary skills for the employee to successfully complete their daily job functions. â€Å"Lupine et al. ‘s (2005) meta-analysis found that challenge factors (e. G. Role demands, time pressure, workload) were positively related to job performance whereas hindrance factors (e. G. ,constraints, hassles, interpersonal conflict) were negatively related to job performance† (Ill, Lie, Mills, Fan, 201 338). According to Edwards, 2008 the P-Fit theory also suggests that conscientiousness moderates challenge stresses-?job p erformance relations. Job dedication is the personality that an employee displays to show that they have the tendency to go above and beyond to perform, working hard, staying goal oriented and focused on meeting or exceeding the mission or vision of the organization. The stresses within job dedication are centered on the ability to keep up with other goals or priorities that have been set amongst defeating the battle becoming overworked and a victim to job stresses. The collaboration of all job stresses, job performance, and job dedication in the workforce is used as conscientious for predicting job successors. Because conscientiousness is stably related to job performance, high- conscientious employees are preferred by organizations. However, this group would suffer a great deal when they experience hindrance stresses, such as organizational policies or constraints† (Lie, Lie, Mills, Fan, 2013, p 338). Conclusion Reviewing all three of the articles provided a diverse level of information about human resources from the level of recruitment, sustainability, performance indicators, and conscientious in relation to workability skills. There were suggestions that implied in each of the authors literature that revises methods were used to obtain information, but with the notion that innovation could improve the study further. How to cite The Broad Scopes of Human Resources Literature Review, Essays

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Marketing Consumer Behavior Essays - Marketing, Off-road Vehicles

Marketing Consumer Behavior 1. (a) The types of market segments currently existing for the Hummer in the consumer market are generally men with household incomes varying between 200 and 300 thousand dollars per year. Most of these men already own two or three cars. More doctors will purchase Hummers than lawyers. This market segment consists mostly of entrepreneurs as opposed to corporate conformists. (b) The types of market segments in the business-to-business market are mostly associated with the government / military / US Army fleets. AM General, producer of the Hummer, has also signed a number of licensing agreements for the use of the Hummer name-with Converse to market rugged footwear and with Timex to produce a Hummer watch. 2. There are many pros and cons associated with the above market segments. For the consumer market, the demand is created by a very narrowly defined group of consumers. A specific target market is positive thing for producers of a good such as a Hummer, however it is very limiting to the overall demand of the product. In other words, the vast majority of the US population has an annual household income of much less than 200 thousand dollars and is not lead by extremely successful entrepreneurs or doctors. AM General knows which type of consumer to target, but the number of consumers in the market is relatively small. Good news for the business-to-business market! If AM General can continue to satisfy the demands of the US military, then they are pretty much guaranteed a continuously existing market. The market may shrink and expand from time to time, however the US government will continue to demand military vehicles as long as world peace ceases to exist. With the falloff in demand from the government segment, AM General should target the consumer market more heavily. With e-commerce booming and many entrepreneurs creating new innovative dot-com companies, there are men out there with money to spend! Because Hummers are more of a luxury item to own rather than a conventional form of transportation, the market would be similar to that of the Ferrari or Lotus Esprit type vehicles. 3. AM Generals marketing mix will differ between that for the consumer and that for the business-to-business segment. For business-to business transactions, product will meet the specifications requested by the business (their needs). Place isnt too important. Price is pretty much lacking competition for the most part, and will only be important as to what the government can afford (contracts?). Promotion will not be a huge concern here, either. Am General will need to provide information that will make the government realize that their products (vehicles) are strong, reliable automobiles by which the government will benefit from (they will aid in military defense and development). For consumers, AM General will have to work a little harder in the promotional area. The name and image of the vehicle alone will attract customers who wish to identify with this image. However, the consumers need to believe that a Hummer can actually be driven around easily and safely by any consumer, not by just the military. Price will be of significance. Not many people will be able to purchase such an expensive, impractical vehicle. Place may be of importance as well. The Hummer may be more attractive to those living in certain types of terrain where they feel they can enjoy the luxury of the outstanding performance of a Hummer off road, in water, sand, etc. Does there need to be Hummer dealership on every corner in every city? No. Hummers should be available upon special request because their target market is so specific. If a consumer wants one, they will search for one. They wont decide to drop by the dealership on their way home from work and work a deal! Buying a Hummer is a major decision (for most of us, anyway). Marketing Essays